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Luxury Australian itinerary – A Trip For Twitchers

A Trip For Twitchers

12 nights, plus a night or two at your arrival or departure destination if desired

Australia’s environment is one of the most diverse on earth and its landscape is one of the oldest. Its flora and fauna have evolved in isolation for 45 million years, untouched by the upheavals of the world’s continental plates.

Twitchers are spoilt for choice with over 800 species of birds – many of these endemic to Australia – enabling the country to stake a strong claim to be the world’s greatest hotspot of bird endemism. Many of the species are easy to observe due to their charismatic and colourful physiques and beautiful song.

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Emus at Arkaba
Emus at Arkaba


A private wildlife conservancy, Arkaba’s true luxury lies in the fact that its 60,000 acres are shared by just 10 guests, taking the definition of exclusivity to a new level in Australia. Located in the ancient and awe-inspiring grand scale landscape of the Flinders Ranges, Arkaba provides the opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in the story of the bush – its ancient geology, diverse bird and wildlife and the chance to understand the conservation challenges that Australia faces.

A selection of must do’s

  • Over the last 3 years Arkaba has confirmed sightings of 10 new bird species including the Stubble Quail (Coturnix pectoralis), Spotted Nightjars (Eurostopodus argus) and the Horsfields Bronze Cuckoo (Chalcites (chrysococcyx) basilis).
  • Spending time with a one of Arkaba’s expert guides bushwalking along the dry bed of the Arkaba Creek is a great way to soak up the sounds and smells of the bush and expand your knowledge on Australian fauna and flora whilst enjoying the abundance of birdsong.
  • Arkaba appreciates birds can be environmental indicators and studies them to help understand how the natural environment is faring. For those keen to learn more of the challenges Australia faces in saving its diversity of birdlife, join one of Arkaba’s field guides one evening to track a radio collared feral cat or set up the trip cameras that monitor key sites across the property.
Magpie Geese on the floodplains of Bamurru Plains
Magpie Geese on the floodplains of Bamurru Plains


Bamurru Plains is an extraordinary wild bush luxury experience on the edge of the Mary River floodplain, adjacent to Kakadu National Park in Australia’s Northern Territory. The coastal floodplains of northern Australia are home to prolific bird (236 species) and wildlife (Australia’s answer to the Okavango Delta) whilst Kakadu and Arnhem Land are the heartland of the country’s indigenous culture.
*Bamurru Plains is open from 1 May to 31 October.

A selection of must do’s

  • The Mary River floodplain is home to an extraordinary gathering of Magpie Geese and during the period after the young have hatched (April/May), the floodplain will host hundreds of thousands of these birds. The hatching period also draws a huge number of raptors (kites, goshawks and sea-eagles) to feed on the young goslings.
  • A cruise on the Sampan Creek offers the chance of sighting a Great-billed Heron. Other rare species at Bamurru Plains include the Grey Goshawk and the Red Goshaw.
  • Waking at dawn to hear the cacophony of sound from the Magpie Geese, Whistling Kites, Blue-winged Kookaburras is nature’s own alarm clock and the perfect start to a day’s safari.
El Questro Homestead in the Kimberley
El Questro Homestead in the Kimberley


In the middle of almost 1 million acres of Wilderness Park and 100km from the nearest town, the luxury of the El Questro Homestead sits in stark contrast to Western Australia’s rugged Kimberley landscape. Perched on a cliff top, with vistas of one of the most strikingly beautiful locations, the Homestead is a relaxed and exclusive retreat catering for a maximum of 18 guests.

A selection of must do’s

  • The variety of ecosystems in the park attract 100 different bird species including, Rainbow Bee Eaters, Pheasant Coucols, dancing Brolgas and even the once near extinct Gouldian Finch.
  • Spend an afternoon at the Zebedee Thermal Springs – A magical place to relax and rejuvenate after a busy morning birding and climbing through the gorges.
  • The Little Pied Cormorant is the smallest Australian cormorant and is fairly common on El Questro waterways. It can be seen sitting on exposed rocks along the route of the Wandjina boat in the Chamberlain Gorge. Their nest is a small, shallow structure of sticks and it breeds throughout most of the year.
A sea-eagle at Crystalbrook lodge


Remote…wild…elegant. Hidden in the rugged outback of North Queensland, Crystalbrook Lodge is a secret outback mecca catering to only 10 guests is an oasis of luxury perched over the spectacular Crystalbrook Lake and is part of the historic 85,000 acre Crystalbrook Station. Home to a staggering array of wildlife including birds, freshwater crocodiles, and fish guests can spend their days on the lake or riverside, exploring the bush wilderness or just enjoying the serenity and stillness of the outback from the lodge.

A selection of must do’s

  • The birdlife here is spectacular with nesting sea eagles regularly seen near the lodge. Enjoy the freedom of solitude and observe Bee Eaters, Koel Jabiru, Blue Faced Honeyeaters, Scarlet Honeys from the purpose built bird watching viewing platform.
  • Glide along the lake aboard a kayak or in the lodge’s virtually silent electric boat and become part of the lake’s daily rhythm as dainty Lotus Birds walk by on Lily pads and Jabiru and other water birds go about their business.
  • In the evening enjoy the Theatre Room where the day’s birding photos may be viewed and shared over a glass of wine or engross yourself in the bird and wildlife reference library.

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