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The best guides in Australia – our expert picks

Alquemie works with the best guides in Australia to create tailor-made touring that piques the interest of even the most seasoned traveller.

As travellers ourselves, we know the value of an expert guide. They bring to life the stories behind what we visit, creating deeper and more meaningful memories of the places we see and the people we meet.

We choose our guides because they are the best at what they do in Australia. They are personally know to us and selected for:

  • their passion and knowledge for their area of expertise or location
  • their ability to communicate extremely well with guests
  • their flexibility to change things on the fly so that it better pleases a guest

Additionally, they are conservationists, wanting to preserve the beauty of Australia for future generations to come.

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As with everything we do, our goal is to ‘transform the ordinary into the extraordinary’. By choosing the best guides in Australia we achieve this. Guests will discover the hidden corners of Australia and rediscover the magic of the world with a holiday planned by Alquemie. We select the best guides in Australia to suit the travel preferences of each guest.


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