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We transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.


  • We tailor make each journey, taking into account our guest’s passions and interests. The more you tell us, the more we are able to do this.
  • Our journeys include authentic and local experiences; encounters with local experts and colourful Australian characters.
  • We truly do design our journeys to enrich, surprise, delight and captivate the travellers.
  • We know the intricacies of each region and how best to reveal what makes them special.
  • Our entire team travels to various parts of the country – we are always out & about discovering more.
  • We draw on a big pool of relationships to create unique experiences.
  • We have developed a range of unique ‘Alquemie Exclusive’ touring experiences – only available through Alquemie
  • Our network of contacts around the country is second to none and means we are uniquely well-informed to design an experience of Australia that goes to the heart of the country.
  • Most importantly – our creativity! High-end experiential travel borders on event management. Ask us about the more creative things we have arranged for clients.

Our goal is to leave every guest spellbound after their journey in Australia. With this in mind, we prefer to craft the entire Australian experience from the moment you step onto our beautiful continent. This allows us to reveal the magic of Australia through a carefully constructed itinerary that will enchant, educate and surprise. Our mantra: ‘anybody can book accommodation, where we add value is by layering in the magic’.

With expertise, we will weave together any or all of the following:

Bespoke experiences • Private Tours  • Special interest guides  • Accommodation  • Yacht charter  • Dining  • Air safari • Light aircraft • Jet • Heli • Rail • Transfers • Self-drive

In March 2020 Alquemie hosted PURE Pursuits Australia in conjunction with Tourism Australia – a five-night wilderness journey for leaders of experiential tourism companies from around the world.

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Alquemie specialises in creating magical high-end experiential travel and tailor-made itineraries around Australia. Initially aimed at supporting high-end nature based safari experiences across Australia, our portfolio originally included a range of stations, homesteads, bush camps, island and private guides that were off the mainstream tourism radar and were the result of extensive travel and research. This knowledge of and passion for the wilder parts of Australia still runs strongly through the business and has been encapsulated in the experiences we offer.

The business was expanded to offer a broader range of experiences (urban, outback and coastal) across the country to provide a complete tailor-made service across Australia for high-end clients looking for an altogether more immersive experience of Australia. The ethos of the company is in creating experiences around the country that transform the ‘ordinary into the extraordinary’, above and beyond the traditional luxury properties/services that are overtly marketed for Australia.



Our passionate team of specialists bring together leading experts, experiences, and products to tailor an itinerary specific to the interests and profile of each traveller. Each trip has its own unique character and influence.

Shirley, Team Manager

Shirley, Team Manager

Shirley’s passion for travel started at a very young age. This desire to immerse herself in different cultures and flavours resulted in her living and working in various countries throughout Africa and Europe before settling in Australia with her family.

Shirley has been selling luxury travel for over 20 years, leading teams of travel designers with the same passion of sharing local and exceptional travel experiences to guests looking for truly extraordinary encounters.

Anthony Radic, Australian Specialist

Anthony Radic

Anthony Radic, Australian Specialist

Anthony joined Alquemie in 2015 as our lead Australia Specialist and since, has focused on creating memorable itineraries for our inquisitive travellers. Born and raised in iconic Bondi, Anthony is a true local that knows Sydney like the back of his hand. Raised by travel passionate parents, he began travelling from a very young age, which ignited a passion for exploring the world. Inspired by different cultures, culinary encounters and vibrant cities, Anthony began a journey to seek the most amazing experiences here in Australia. Alquemie helps fuel and drive this passion and enhanced his knowledge of all corners of this great country of ours. Anthony is determined to share what this part of the world has to offer!

Archi Harsora, Australian Specialist

Archi Harsora, Australian Specialist

An engineering graduate, Archi grew up in India with a deep passion for travel. She joined the tourism industry in Mumbai, selling world-wide holiday packages. In 2016 she relocated to Sydney and started in the inbound travel sector specialising in Australia. Archi travelled extensively throughout Australia, expanding her knowledge and deepening desire to share her experiences with others. She joined the Alquemie team in 2022 and thrives on creating itineraries showcasing the best Australia has to offer.

Kristi Gomm, Marketing & Product Manager

Kristi Gomm, Marketing & Product Manager

Kristi joined Alquemie in 2022 as Marketing Manager and in June 2023 also took on the Product Specialist role. She is a passionate traveller born in Sydney, having travelled the world living and working in Canada, Portugal, England, and the Whitsundays – However, Australia has always been her specialty. She brings with her a wealth of travel and tourism industry knowledge spanning over 25 years in consulting, sales, business development, recruitment, and marketing – settling into in the luxury travel space over 9 years ago. A creative innovator, she thrives on creating unique content and sharing all Australia’s hidden wonders with others. User experience, branding and capturing the nature of experiential travel are high on her priority list to ensure the Alquemie brand is always front of mind.

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