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Alquemie is still open for business during the COVID 19 crisis. Now more than ever, is the time to dream and plan for your next Australian getaway. We hope that you and all your loved ones stay safe. 

Our elite Australian travel experiences begin with knowing as much about who is travelling as possible. Every trip we design is crafted individually and tailored to the tastes and whims of the traveller (with some doses of mystery and surprise thrown in). Discretion is upmost and creativity unparalleled. Please email us to enquire. (Note: if your email does not automatically pop up please email with your request.)

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T: +61 2 9571 6677

“We are so happy with Anthony because his knowledge of Australia is huge. When we request a quote we always receive it the next day with explanations in it so we know the reason why he has chosen something. He is very quick and replies straight away. The quotes are perfect and we like the itineraries that you have online that we send to our clients before they travel. With this they can easily look into their trip on their phone.

Alquemie is one of our best agents we work with throughout the world. We know that clients are in very good hands when they arrive in Australia. We feel very comfortable with this.”

Can I see a sample itinerary?

Because every single trip we create is unique, we don’t have any sample itineraries as such. Our guests include the world’s top 100 billionaires, royalty, celebrities and other ultra high-net-worth individuals and their families. If you would like to see what we have done for them, please contact us in person at or via phone +61 2 9571 6677. If you would simply like to get a rough idea of what can be done and seen in a time frame, please click here.

What's the booking process?

Get in touch by email, or phone so we can find out as much as we can about you and your travelling companions. From there, we will weave our magic to create an irresistible itinerary.

What's the best time of year to go to Australia?

Any time. We design trips based on experiences and will create a journey for you that showcases the best of Australia for the season that you choose to travel.

Do you cater for groups and families?

We frequently handle family groups from 2 to 12 guests; groups of friends, typically up to 16 people; and special interest groups, as a rule fewer than 16 people.

How do you ensure the quality of your guides?

Our guides/hosts are, in most cases, personally known to us and selected for their
– Passion and knowledge for their area of expertise and/or location
– Ability to communicate with and to ‘read a client’
– Their flexibility, being able to alter even a half day touring ‘on the fly’ so that it better pleases the client

How long does it take to get to Australia?

Los Angeles to Sydney – 14hrs
London to Sydney – 23hrs
Singapore to Sydney – 8hrs
Singapore to Perth – 5hrs
Auckland to Sydney – 3hrs
Dubai to Perth 11hrs
Dubai to Sydney – 14.5hrs

Flight durations within Australia

Australia is the seventh biggest country in the world and only slightly smaller than the United States. Below are the flight durations of key routes within Australia.

Sydney to Perth – 5hrs
Sydney to Cairns – 3hrs
Adelaide to Darwin – 3.5hrs
Cairns to Ayers Rock – 3hrs
Melbourne to Alice Springs – 3hrs
Sydney to Hobart – 1.5hrs
Sydney to Adelaide – 2hrs
Sydney to Melbourne – 1hr
Darwin to Cairns – 2.5hrs


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