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Discover Sydney differently on a Sydney Street Art Tour

Sydney street art tour

Explore something new and a little bit different about the city of Sydney with a Sydney Street Art tour. Top notch guides will take you around some of Sydney’s best-hidden treasures in local food, coffee, street art, small bars and gallery hotspots.

Explore lively laneways of contemporary street art and discover works by Sydney’s most prolific street artists. On a private Sydney Street Art tour you can expect vividly patterned pieces by Beastman, Lister’s grand ballerinas, and works by over 50 other Sydney-based artists such as JUMBOist, Bafcat, Skulk, Phibs, Numskull, Nico and David Cragg. Explore gallery and independent fashion and design spaces through curated routes around Sydney’s most creative suburbs, with a coffee in hand of course! And afterwards, settle down and unwind with local brews, cocktails, wine, cheese and nibbles loved by the locals.


Sydney Street Art tour