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Mindfulness Luxe Escapes in Noosa

Nature is such a powerful healer as well as a beautiful reminder of how we can live in more presence. Below are unique opportunities to allow you to experience Noosa’s nature with your own private mindfulness experiences with one of our favourite guides Kelly Carthy.

Morning Retreat

Included is a tailored movement session incorporating yoga, pilates, breath-work and transformational meditations with powerful tools that can be applied directly into your life.  Create more space in your life with this beautifully crafted personal retreat in one of the most uniquely spectacular nature trails of the Australian coast. 

Dusk Wellbeing

When the sun sets, so follows calm and rest. The best way to end a day in Noosa is to take in the serenity of the sunset and treat your body to a relaxing movement and meditation session.

Gain exclusive access to the best local hideaway and viewpoints and see the sun rest over inspiring Noosa backdrops.  Let go of any unresolved tension as you are guided through a tailored meditation session that will completely recharge you and drop you calmly into the present moment.

Any sunset session would not be complete without a toast to the day, so enjoy a selection of luxury seasonal produce and celebratory beverage.

Mindful dining

This personalised dining experience focuses on immersing you in the natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast combined with the finest local cuisine. Your guide / chef will take time getting to know you and then tailor a menu and dining experience that will take you on a journey to awaken all senses.

Full moon skydiving

Imagine falling into a sky full of stars on the night of a full moon with the scent of the bush and infinite space of the night sky surrounding you.  Combine a beautiful evening meditation with a full moon skydive to allow you to embrace each moment of the experience and really feel the sense of time expanded. 

Sunrise SUP (Stand-up paddle board)

Whether you like to gently greet the day or start it with a high energy ‘bang’,  your guide knows the best places to see the morning sun shine upon beautiful Noosa. Experience Stand Up Paddle boarding like never before with core work, yoga, meditation and movement seamlessly woven into your paddle journey down some of Noosa’s most pristine waterways. Not only is this a beautiful sight to behold, you’ll have a complete sensory experience in feeling the natural elements on your skin, hearing the sounds of native wildlife and tasting some local delights. Leave stress and worry behind and awaken your true, passionate and positive self; explore and recharge with a Sunrise SUP experience.