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Australia’s Best Guides – John Dyer – Remote Air Safaris

Please explain a little bit about who you are and what you do.
I’m the Managing Director of Air Adventure. We operate high-end, outback air safaris on board our deluxe private aircraft. We are on a mission to enrich people’s lives by transforming the way they experience remote Australia. We enable people to defy distance by comfortably flying them on authentic, inspiring and seamlessly curated adventures in a genuinely small group of just 8 guests; leaving them with a meaningful connection to this country.
What got you started with remote air safaris and what do you find most interesting about it?
I grew up in the Western District of Victoria, near the Grampians. My father was a pilot and grazier (he started Air Adventure Australia), so I spent a lot of my youth travelling across our vast continent where I developed a love for travel and aviation. We loved discovering new places. The seasons, the weather patterns and the people we met, ensured that no two trips were ever the same. Before taking over the company in 2006 I was a tour leader on our air safaris, it really gives me a kick seeing people broadening their own horizons and immersing themselves in magic of outback Australia.
How do you bring remote Australia to life on your tours?
I love remote Australia and having our own aircraft basically means that nowhere is out of reach, the whole nation is at our fingertips. It is this unique capability that we offer our guests, coupled with our intimate knowledge and vast array of contacts across the outback – we can take people places that few have seen, in total comfort.
Why do you think it’s important that people learn about remote Australia?
Given our vast distances and minimal commercial regional flights, a private air safari is something that is almost endemic to Australia. We are never the cheapest way to travel however we are the best (a better way hasn’t been invented yet). I also firmly believe that Australia has some of the most fascinating and ancient history on the planet. We have paintings on cave walls that have been dated at over 20,000 years old – this makes the Pyramids look pretty young. There is so much diversity here from iconic landscapes, aboriginal art & culture, stock & station, remote outer islands plus this can be incorporated with gourmet food, wine and luxury accommodation.
If people wanted to find out more about remote Australia are there any particular books, documentaries or websites you would recommend?
As we are a national operator, anything that sparks an interest in any of the many fascinating regions or aspects of our country. Here’s a few of my favourite books:
The Dig Tree – Sarah Murgatroyd
An amazing recount of the ill-fated Burke & Wills Expedition in the 1800s
Lake Eyre – A Journey to the Heart of the Continent – Paul Lockyer
A thorough explanation of the wonders of the Lake Eyre Basin – one of the largest inland drainage systems in the world.
Sapiens, A Brief History of Humankind – Yuval Noah Harari
A fascinating overview of how humans made their way from the middle of the food chain to the top. Indigenous Australians feature heavily.
What’s your favourite Australian animal and why?
It would have to be the yellow-tailed black cockatoo. I love the way they fly, they always seem to follow our family around and bring us good luck.
What place is Australia’s best-kept secret?
King Island, Tasmania. A remote speck in Bass Strait, it is a wild island with amazing beaches, fresh produce, friendly locals (everyone waves and nothing gets locked) and now some truly world class activities, golf being just one of them. At just 35mins flight from Melbourne, it is easily reachable.
What haven’t you seen / done in Australia that you’d like to and why?
I am yet to go along to the Grand Final on the Tiwi Islands, NT. Football is a form of religion to the local people and they have produced some of the all time greatest players in the AFL. I’ve been to the Tiwi Islands many times but never to watch an Aussie Rules match. While I am up there, I would definitely get in a boat and do some fishing – barramundi, giant trevally, Spanish mackerel, mud crabs and more are in abundance.
Finally, how can people follow you on social media?
@airadventure and @airadventuregolftours

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